Obama’s inauguration, MLK Jr. Day coincide this Monday

Photo courtesy the New York Times

On Monday Barack Obama will take the oath of office for the second and final time as president of the United States.

It will be only the second time in history that a president’s inauguration coincides with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Obama plans to use a Bible that belonged to King as he takes his oath of office

The only other time the two events coincided was in 1997 at the start of Bill Clinton’s second term. Clinton recognized King during his inaugural address.

“Thirty-four years ago, the man whose life we celebrate today spoke to us down there at the other end of this Mall in words that moved the conscience of a nation. Like a prophet of old, he told of his dream that one day America would rise up and treat all its citizens as equals before the law and in the heart,” Clinton said.

“Martin Luther King’s dream was the American dream.”

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