Inspiring Story

Photo by Liana Tan

Photo by Liana Tan

“When I was a youngster, my Grandpa took me trout fishing in a place
that requires a long walk along the Wolf River.  Generally you follow
a long high ridge that meanders down to the water and that is the only
approach to the spot we were going. 

As we were walking along a well
worn path, I kept pointing out all the different tracks I saw in the
path.  I remember deer being the most common on that day, but over my
life  I have seen wolf, bear, coyote, raccoon, and turkey tracks in
that very path. 
I pointed out the other animal tracks to my Grandpa,

he said, “it is the path we all walk on”.  I don’t think he ment
anything profound by it, but it sticks in my mind because it seems
that all life really walks “the same path” if you think about it.

Recently while walking around a snow filled swamp in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula I noticed that every animal in the swamp was using a path I had created some weeks earlier.  When I saw all those other tracks in my own, I could hear my Grandpa again.

It made me realize that we do indeed all walk the same path.”

By Chad Waukechon

MCC Board Member

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