Community Conversation II

At our latest Community Conversation, Multicultural Center board members and volunteers led discussion groups on various topics relating to diversity and improvements we can work toward in Green Bay. Thank you to all who attended and offered their great insights.

If you missed the event, take a look at the notes below. If any of these topics interest you, or if you have any ideas, feel free to comment on this page or email us at We love to hear from our community!


On the night of the conversation I had the pleasure of dealing with two topics at my table.

Fund Raising:  As a group we agree that we would look at similar programs and organizations in our area and find out what sources fund them.  In addition, the MCC will look to collaborate fund raising efforts with other groups to combine resources and share in returns.  Some first steps will be accumulating contact info as well as networking.

Cultural Learning:  Our unit felt as though groups like ours, particularly the MCC, need to take a more deliberate approach to addressing the issue of more culturally specific learning. We agreed to come up with a statement of need utilizing area statistics which highlight the need for a change in our educational systems and finding a format(s) by which to draw attention from local media and business. Similar to other groups that night, we spoke of the importance of rallying around students and finding ways to make cultural learning not only an acceptable idea but a necessity.  Members of the team also reiterated the need for cross-cultural education that would foster mutual respect among the communities. The next step is to sit with the diversity coordinator to find out exactly what we as a community can do to be a catalyst for these changes in the Green Bay Public School System.


The Networking group discussed why networking is important to the community. We also discussed networking in our current jobs.

From our discussion, we listed several groups in the community that we can join to network.  Groups include Green Bay Chambers Minority Group, St. Norbert and UWGB Diversity Group,  Current Young Professional Group, Society for Human Resources (SHERM), networking with schools and community groups, interest networking group, and the different minority groups.

For the Networking Group plan of action.

Adults and Families

1. Networking Tree- A list of contact of diversity groups in the area.

2. Networking Social- We will use to plan socials and events for different group to network.

3. Networking Webpage- We will use social media to introduce and connect others with different groups.

4. Learn how to Network Events.

Children and Teens

1. Work with schools to create diversity networking groups.  UWGB student to talk at these schools. Our committee can plan the agenda.

2. Themed socials and/or interest socials for minority teens.  This will help teens promote diversity through interests and activities.

3. Events with food and music- Taste of the World (This could be the MCC children’s event in the summer)

4. Cultural Fashion Show- Fashion from different groups.  (This could be done at the MCC children’s event in the summer)

5. Invite youths to co-chair projects and/or form a youth committee diversity group.

6. Network with other youth groups that promote diversity, Girl Scouts/Boys and Girls Club/ Young Life

Next Meeting:

At the next conversation, set a timeline for the projects and start planning how and when to implement the projects.


We discussed two problem areas extensively:  1.problems with public transportation for youth, the elderly, students, all people without cars, and 2. knowledge of available resources in the community.  We noted that there were resources for translation, the elderly, health care and more that many people were unaware existed, and discussed ways of getting information of those resources to people who might need it.

We decided we would like to continue working, and that we would start looking at ways of compiling information about community resources, perhaps starting with the Multicultural Center’s web site section on community resources, and then finding ways to make people aware of the web site or other ways to access the information.  Then we would work on transportation issues, first doing our own research, then consulting a retired UWGB professor who is an expert on public transportation and active in local transportation issues.  We will explore working with Joshua on the issue.


Our group focused on issues at the university level. What we saw as the biggest challenge to promoting diversity among college students is getting word out about events and getting students to attend. Marketing at the university level needs to improve.

We also discussed internship and networking opportunities for college students in multicultural fields. The group felt Multicultural Center members could collaborate with the university to find more opportunities for students.

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