Powwow volunteers

The annual Intertribal Student Council Powwow is coming up! See how you can get involved or just mark your calendar for a great event April 12. They are seeking help in the following areas:

1. Individuals/Dancers knowledgeable about Powwows to join in on a Powwow Panel to be held April 10th in the Christie Theater from 11am-1pm. The panel still needs female panelists, in particular, to be a part of this discussion.
2. Cultural items donations for the raffle during the Powwow.
3. Lastly, if anyone knows of some places in the community where we can distribute flyers to advertise the Powwow, please let us know.

Alan Caldwell at ajcaldwell48@gmail.com or (715)851-7508
Clinton Isham at ishacd09@uwgb.edu or (920)412-2404


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