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Let’s reflect on National Women’s Equality Day on August 18th!

August 18th is an important day for women in America.

 Not only are we celebrating the 94th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, but it’s also National Women’s Equality Day — a day to celebrate the achievements of women’s suffrage and continue our work for a better future.

  Kelly Westlund is proud to partner with organizations around the country in support of social and economic equality. Because progress is only achieved through perseverance, and gender equality is a common goal that requires common commitment.

  Women shouldn’t account for two-thirds of all minimum wage jobs and less than one-fifth of Congress. We shouldn’t be paid less than a man for doing the same work. And in 2014, we certainly shouldn’t have our employers making our health care decisions for us.

  The bottom line is this: #WEmatter.

 Our issues matter. Our perspective matters. And a real commitment to promoting economic security for women and families matters.

 Our votes matter.

 Let’s continue the work our foremothers started so that our daughters live in the world they deserve.

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