The Multicultural Center has 3 broad strategies to promote inclusion, understanding and mutual appreciation among all groups in our community:

  1. To support and facilitate the growth of groups representing diverse racial populations and help them speak for themselves, meet their group needs, preserve and share their cultures.

  2. To encourage the sharing and appreciation of diverse cultures throughout the community to promote harmony and respect for diverse peoples and their cultures.

  3. To advocate throughout the community for respect and empowerment of diverse peoples and their inclusion at all levels of the community.

The Center brings people together as equals. It promotes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among diverse racial and ethnic groups and with those groups and the larger community. We believe that if people meet, talk, and learn about one another, they have the best chance of working together for the common good and the equal participation of all.

For more information on how we can help you or your organization, call the center at (920) 438-1660.

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