*Criminal Justice Resources from NAACP*

Like the cases of Emmet Till and Rodney King before it, the case of Trayvon Martin has activated millions of Americans to urgently seek answers to how we can finally end wide-spread, officially-sanctioned, racial profiling and racially motivated violence against and humiliation of Black men and boys. This is a problem that continues to plague not just African Americans, but all communities of color in America.  Resources include information to educating children to how to meet with your police department.

For more services and information go to the main website of the NAACP:



*Brown County Human Services – Mediation Services*

305 East Walnut Street, Room 450, Green Bay, WI 54301

Family court mediation helps parents reach joint agreement on: legal custody, physical placement, grandparent visitation and moves beyond 150 miles or out of state.

For more information, call (920) 445-0370 or visit



*Legal Services of N.E.W.*

201 W. Walnut St., Suite 203, Green Bay, WI 54303

Free legal services are available to low-income persons in civil matters. Legal Services of N.E.W. also offers advice and possible representation in the areas of family law, public benefits and consumer rights.

For more information, please call (920) 432-4645 or visit



*Public Defender – State of Wisconsin*

125 S. Jefferson St., Suite 301, Green Bay, WI 54301

If you are unable to afford a lawyer on your own, the state will provide you with legal representation in a criminal matter.

For more information, please call (920) 448-4194 or visit

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