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Above: Dr. Justin Mallet, new Director of the American Intercultural Center at UWGB, leads a community conversation, September 25.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 15th Annual Multicultural Children and Family Festival on July 26th 2014 was an amazing success! The festival was full of culture, tradition, and family fun. The festival’s exciting entertainment included Tonantzin Mexican dancers, rap performances from the Boys and Girls Club, the Divine Temple’s choir, a traditional Hmong dance performance, Iglesia Cristo La Roca de Green Bay dancers, Oneida Eagle Singers, and interactive games throughout the day.

The food was delicious! Some had derived from the Taste of India, a restaurant SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESin Green Bay on 930 Waube Lane. Other portions included Honduran food from Iglesia Cristo La Roca de Green Bay, Soul Food, Nigerian food, and Hmong egg rolls. The free food was unique to the pallet and interesting to sample different ethnic foods together on one plate. Enjoying a meal and the energy of the festival urges one to frequently experience other cultures and their traditions more often!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Boys and Girls Club performs after the Divine Temple’s Choir. The uplifting words of both groups drew forth a large audience in which they shared their energy and cheer. They mastered with the flow of the music and the accompaniment of modern dance.

During several performances by the Tonantzin Mexican dancers, the dancers were given a moment to dance with family and friends on stage. Mothers, SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESfathers, and others swayed proudly with their loved-ones during a unique and touching moment. These dancers had a long and beautiful routine to share with the world on a hot summer day. Is there a better way for families to express their pride?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHmong dancers perform before the Iglesia Cristo La Roca de Green Bay and the Oneida Eagle Singers. These girls are beautifully dressed and deliver a wonderful routine. Children lead the festival as the messengers of their heritage. It’s important for them to share with an audience of family and strangers, perhaps future friends, to inspire and encourage one another.

Ms. Taku leads music sessions with families as they visit her tent during the festival. She lent her many items to children and adults to partake in SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESperformances. Some of her music derives from Hawaii and also African American folk music. She encouraged her band to sing, shout, throw their hands up, and to have fun! Making friends and visiting stands, enjoying the traditional dances and free ethnic foods, the festival was a joy for every attendee.


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