In this increasingly diverse world, the Multicultural Center of Green Bay is committed to supporting intercultural exchange and an appreciation of the unique traits each ethnic group brings to the Green Bay area. We support the preservation and sharing of diverse cultures, as well as the full inclusion of all individuals at every level of our community.

To these ends, the Multicultural Center provides space for meetings and rehearsals, office support, and other services to diverse groups. Our monthly newsletter reports on events involving and of interest to diverse populations, while the web site includes extensive lists of resources for learning about and contacting diverse groups. We also provide the tools to find a great variety of community resources.

Our mission is to foster an inclusive spirit and a community where all people are respected and included. We serve as a vehicle for multilateral exchange, linking communities and people in a way that is both relevant and empowering.

We sponsor cultural outreach:

  • To promote the establishment of multicultural organizations and a community conducive to enhancing the success of diverse cultural groups.

  • To provide the population with a source for locating organizations and individuals representing diverse cultures. 

  • To develop multicultural understanding throughout the community.

  • To foster an appreciation of the distinctive elements each heritage brings to the greater Green Bay community.

Identity is not something set in stone. Rather, it is a dynamic component which requires a constant engagement. The Multicultural Center of Green Bay aims to aid in the process of identity development for both long-time residents and those who are new to the area. Through the support of diverse cultures, we can create a community unified by its value of diversity.

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