Community Conversation March 11

Community Conversation attendees brainstorm projects to support diversity.

Community Conversation attendees brainstorm projects to support diversity.

In November, the Multicultural Center invited the community to discuss diversity in the Green Bay area. We called it a Community Conversation and had a great turnout. About 80 people gathered at Girl Scout headquarters. There was tremendous diversity among the participants and a desire to continue talking and working together. The conversations generated great enthusiasm and long lists of excellent ideas about ways we could support diverse groups and share cultures to promote mutual understanding and appreciation.

A second Community Conversation will be held March 11 at 5:30 at UWGB’s University Union, Phoenix Room B. We’ll review ideas from the first Conversation and organize ourselves into committees to pick specific projects and plan ways to implement them. We are meeting at UWGB, with support of the American Intercultural Center, to encourage students to participate.

The Board of the Multicultural Center, which organized the Conversation, went over the ideas and organized them into seven broad categories. The seven categories, with sample projects from those suggested in the first Conversation, are listed below. We hope you will review them and decide if there is a category with a project (or a different project) you’d like to work on.


  • School diversity groups
  • Cultural events in schools
  • Summer programs for diverse kids
  • Cultural days; more ethnic events; ethnic social gatherings
  • School aged groups for diverse students


  • Advocate for health care for underserved populations
  • Pre-college education for high school and middle school students
  • Job skills training for diverse populations
  • Youth apprentice opportunities
  • Job fairs and recruitment
  • Transportation
  • Increase awareness of access to public health services
  • Needs of diverse people in hospitals/ clinics
  • One-stop shop for information on available community resources


  • Diverse networking sessions for adults
  • Minority networking sessions for teens
  • Kinship alliances
  • Collaborate with other community groups to promote diversity events
  • Networking groups for employment resources


  • Provide information on where to go for resources
  • Advertise and promote events for diverse groups
  • A one-stop shop for resources and information


  • Promote healthy eating, community gardens, farmers’ market education
  • Cultural learning sessions, cultural classes on cooking, dance, etc.
  • Music and other events


  • Help organize fundraising for diverse groups


  • To be defined with university students.

At the second Conversation, we will ask people to select one of the seven categories and work together to select and plan a project.

Though we aren’t able to have a potluck with different ethnic foods at this meeting, we hope to be able to at our third conversation. Pizza will be served March 11.

We hope to see you there and can’t wait for the Green Bay community to share its ideas and talents with us.

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